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Tuition/Financial Assistance/Fundraising

School Tuition rates are based on student population and the projected St. Sylvester Parish / School budget. The projected budget takes into consideration the ability of school families to fundraise based on the previous year's fundraising income. Schools are expected to raise 60% of their total budget through tuition and fees.

10 to 15% of the budget must be raised through fundraising as well as bequests and donations when available. The final 25% is provided in the form of a subsidy from the parish. A diocesan subsidy is sometimes available dependent on the number of students attending the school from parishes without schools.

Once the tentative enrollment is determined as well as the total expenses for the year the tuition to be charged each family is identified. Therefore, each year the tuition rates can fluctuate. Our 2016-2017 Tuition Rates are available here.

Financial Aid is available both through Diocesan Scholarship and grant awards and the St. Sylvester School Angel Fund. The following link will take you to the PSAS application that must be completed and submitted in order to verify eligibility for the scholarships available through the diocese. It also is considered when other forms of tuition assistance become available.

Click here for more information about the PSAS Student Aid form and to download it.

From the Diocese, grants are available through the Bishop's Education Fund (BEF). This grant is available to catholic students in grades Kindergarten to 12 attending eligible schools and registered in eligible parishes. It is funded through donations made specifically for tuition assistance to catholic families having children enrolled in a catholic school.

Scholarships are also available from the Scholastic Opportunity Scholarship Funds (SOS). There are two SOS programs

  • K to 12 SOS is open to any eligible student residing in PA and attending any eligible Catholic school in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. To be eligible a family with one dependent can make a maximum of $90,000. Add $15,000 for each additional dependent up to five dependents.
  • Preschool SOS is the same as the K to 12 program but its funding comes from donations made by businesses to the preschool SOS program. A business donates to either or both of the scholarship programs. It may give the donation to the diocese or specify that the monies be used by a school or list of schools supplied by the donor.

There is another program that is funded through the PA EITC tax credit program. Students who live in a school district with low academic testing scores that has been identified by the state as such can apply for help to transfer to a private school. Through the OSTC program they can receive as much as $8,000 to attend a private school. Unfortunately, the amount available is dependent on the parish and / or the diocesan ability to find business' that will fund the program through the PA EITC program.

In addition, St. Sylvester Parish receives individual donations given specifically to help needy families keep their children in St. Sylvester Catholic School. This money is used to reduce a family's tuition rates through our Angel Fund. The Angel Fund is available for any full-time student in K through grade 8.

For more information on financial aid and to obtain the necessary forms, please contact the school office at 412-882-9900.

As part of our Fundraising Program, we offer two other forms of tuition assistance. The school offers a SCRIP program which allows a family the ability to purchase gift cards at face value for grocery stores, department stores and restaurants and then earn a tuition credit for each purchase made. In addition, our school's Market Day fundraising program allows all participating families to further reduce their tuition. By simply making a monthly purchase through this program, you will receive an additional tuition credit that is based upon the profit earned on each sale.

Because our school's overall ability to fundraise helps to keep our tuition costs stabilized, a wide variety of fundraisers are conducted throughout the school year, including social events, such as our annual Calendar Party, Christmas Family Bingo and Book Fairs, as well as sales like our Sarris Candy, Entertainment Coupon Books, lottery raffles, etc.

Our fundraisers present our families with many opportunities to get involved throughout the year. Whether it be volunteering at an event, helping with lunch duty or actively participating in our sports program, you will have the opportunity to become an integral part of your child's education and school community.