Where all the pieces come together.

Welcome to Saint Sylvester School

A Roman Catholic School of the Diocese of Pittsburgh

Mission Statement

As the mission of our patron, Saint Sylvester, was to offer charity and hospitality to others,
the children of Saint Sylvester School are also encouraged to call upon the fruits
of the Spirit to invoke charity, hospitality, love, and service to others.
Each child is seen as a precious gift, unique in intelligence, talents and strengths; deserving of love, sympathy, and guidance.
Our mission is to recognize and nurture the unique potential of each child and actively live the Christian faith.

Belief Statements

We believe that:
Children learn and grow in God's love through faith and education.
Teachers provide the structure for a positive learning environment that allows students to grow spiritually, emotionally, socially, and academically.
Teachers are to be living examples of the Catholic faith.
Teachers inspire students to love learning and in the process foster self-motivation, creativity, responsibility, and life long learning.
Children are unique individuals created by God and are respected for their gifts and talents.
Parents are an integral part of the educational process.
Moral and social conscience formation is as important as academic development.
Our school provides a safe and secure environment for students and teachers.
Students take ownership of their part in the educational process.
Students respect themselves and the diversity of others as children of God.